9" Blue & White Trolling Lure

Reel 'Em Up Lures


Lure Description

On a cloudy or sunny day, the 9 inch blue/white lure is my favorite for trying to get that elusive marlin.

Lure Specs

  • Trolling Speed: 5-15 knots (depending on fish)
  • Position: Close to Dredge and High Speed
  • Face Type: Bullet Head
  • Length: 2 Inch Head / 7 Inch Skirt
  • Fish Type: Wahoo & Marlin
  • Brand: Reel 'Em Up Lures
  • Weight:  3.7 oz

Pre-Rigged Option

You can choose to have us pre-rig the lure for you for an additional $15. Each pre-rigged lure comes with:

  • Size 8/0 Mustad hook
  • 7 feet of 150lb monofilament leader
  • Chafe gear
  • Professional crimping

Why Reel Em Up?

It's simple: We're successful deep sea fishermen that wanted an alternative to the big box / name brand lures. These are 100% USA made by us and used by us, including on our charters. Give them a cast!


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