What is the Best Fishing Line For Trolling?

What is the Best Fishing Line For Trolling?

June 06, 2023

When it comes to selecting the right fishing line for any type of fishing, it can be extremely difficult because of all the options available. There are many choices to pick from when rigging up your trolling rods. On this blog we would like to narrow down those options for you because the right line choice will successfully bring in more fish.

Mahi, Tuna, and Sailfish Line Choice

Most avid anglers like to use 30lb-50lb monofilament when spooling up their trolling rods for mahi and tuna. The majority of people including those of us here at Reel Em Up Lures go with the 30lb line choice. This line is perfect because it is not too thick around, so you are able to spool up with a lot of line in case that huge fish gets on. Additionally, 30lb is a very strong line to make sure you're not snapping the line in half and losing your fish.  If you are strictly targeting those mahi in the bigger class, then you should consider going a little bit bigger and putting on 50lb line.

Leader Choice

Leader line is one of the most important parts of the whole operation. The leader has to always be in great shape, no chafe or any slight imperfections. 150 lb leader is one of the safest ways to go when trolling the gulf. This strong leader is a safe bet for any type of fish on the gulf stream that you have a chance of catching. We now proudly carry this leader material to eliminate losing fish due to cheap leaders. This 150 lb leader will work perfectly when trying to catch mahi, tuna, sailfish, and marlin. However, this is not what you want to use when trying to catch a wahoo. 

Wahoo Line

Wahoo have very sharp teeth similar to kingfish that can tear through any line in just a second. When targeting wahoo, braid is the best way to go. Braid, unlike monofilament, will cut through the water way more efficiently for the high speed situation and help prevent cut offs. 250 lb-500 lb braid is  the best choice to go with when wahoo fishing. You will still stick to a wind on shock cable/leader and wire for the lure to prevent wahoo from cutting through your line.

Wahoo Shock Leader

Shock cable wind on leaders are super strong to make sure you're not losing wahoo once you have them on. They are called shock leaders because they absorb the impact when a wahoo strikes the lure. These leaders are used in a range from 250 lb to 400 lb. We recommend using 400lb to guarantee the best success rate. They connect right behind the trolling weight and then connect to the lure. If you use the braid and shock leader with some wire on the lure, you now have the best chance to land these amazing wahoos.

Summary of Line Choices

Fishing line can be one of the most overlooked components of a fishing operation and that is a huge problem. One guarantee is that if your fishing line choice is on point, you will have a lot better success rate. If you ever are in doubt, don’t just guess, do your research or feel free to contact us here at Reel Em Up Lures! We are always happy to help!

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